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How To Get Active With Your Dog

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A Lifetime Of Adventure

Whether you enjoy running, hiking, or swimming, your active life is better when your dog is at your side. Learn how you and your dog can Monday Like A Pro with outdoor activities that are fun and safe for both people and dogs.

Running With Dog

Running With Your Dog

Running with your dog can increase canine performance and help you get in shape too. Learn how you and your canine workout partner can get up and running safely, together. 

Hiking With Dog

Hiking With Your Dog

Hiking is a great way to treat your canine companion to a dog adventure. It’s also an enjoyable way to work out with your dog. Take to the trail safely with these tips.  

Swimming With Dog

Swimming With Your Dog

Heading for water this summer? Remember that water exercise for dogs can be just the thing to help your pet stay active and escape the summer heat. Here’s how to do it safely.  

Winter Activities With Dog

Winter Activities With Your Dog

If your family includes one of the best dog breeds for an active lifestyle, you likely spend time outdoors in winter. Here are some safety tips to help you and your dog enjoy a winter adventure.  

Safe Activities For Senior Dogs

Safe Activities For Senior Dogs

Ready to share in some canine fitness activities with your senior dog? Here are some tips to help you get active—and stay safe—with your older pet.  

How To Identify & Prevent Pain In Dogs

How To Identify & Prevent Pain In Dogs

Exercising with your dog is a good thing to do—except when it results in pain for your pet. Here are some tips to help protect your dog from exercise-related pain. 

Top 5 Games to Play With Dog

Top 5 Games to Play With Your Dog

Playing games with your dog is a great way to keep them active, healthy, and happy. Here are some games you can start playing together today.

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Dog Exercise Safety Tips

● Consult your vet before starting a new activity ● Ensure your dog’s microchip and ID tag are current ● Use a leash or harness ● Feed 2-3 hours before or after exercise ● Tailor activities to your dog’s current fitness level

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