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Finding the Right Dog Food Should be Easy

That’s why we built our dog food finder, the Right ONE tool, so all you have to do is take a brief quiz about your dog and we’ll give you an expert food recommendation and a customized feeding guide. Try it now! Or, scroll down to learn more.


Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Dog Food

Purina ONE dog food is made with natural, high-quality ingredients with added vitamins, minerals & nutrients to support your dog’s whole-body health. Every formula is made with 0% fillers and real meat that will keep him coming back, meal after meal. These great-tasting dry dog foods feature tender, meaty morsels, and our wet dog food has both classic ground and tender cuts options with a variety of meats your dog will love.


Purina ONE Tailored Dog Food Formulas

If you own a dog, you’re probably looking for the best dog food based on his age, breed size or health need. From food for senior dogs and puppies to small breed dog food and more, all of our wet and dry dog foods are made with real meat and are specialized for your dog’s unique needs so you know you’re feeding him the right formula. Try veterinarian recommended Purina ONE dog food today.

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Purina ONE True Instinct High Protein Dog Food

Whether your dog loves wet or dry food, Purina ONE True Instinct dog food comes in both varieties and a multitude of flavors, as well as some grain-free options. Our high-protein dog food is made with real meat and crafted with natural ingredients, with added vitamins, minerals & nutrients. Plus, it’s made with no poultry by-product meal, artificial flavors or preservatives, so you know you’ve made the right choice in dog food. Feed your dog’s instinct to choose nutrient-dense food with Purina ONE True Instinct dog food!


The Right ONE Tool – How Does it Work?

After you take a quick quiz about your dog, we take it from there. Purina’s deep knowledge of pets and the food they eat combines with the information you shared with us about your dog’s weight, activity level, breed and more to determine the best formula for your dog. It’s free, it’s fun to use, and you’ll get a customized feeding guide for your dog almost instantly. It’s never been easier to find the right ONE.

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Get A $5 Coupon for Purina ONE Dog Food

When you feed your dog Purina ONE, you could see a visibly healthy dog in 28 days or less. From healthy energy and a shiny coat to bright eyes and strong muscles, join over 1.5 MILLION others who have accepted the challenge to see a difference in their pet. What difference will you see?