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Purina ONE® Microbiome Balance

Get the Inside Story on Your Pet’s Gut Health.




Gut Health Starts Inside the Microbiome

• The microbiome is an ecosystem inside a pet’s gut that contains both beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria.

• The bacteria of the pet microbiome need to stay in balance, as they can impact digestion and immune health.

• The gut microbiome produces vitamins B & K, helps digest food, and fights non-beneficial bacteria.

• The microbiome bacteria can be affected by everything from your pet's environment to their age to their diet. Feeding a microbiome pet food, like Purina ONE with Microbiome Balance, can support gut health and help protect your pet’s microbiome.

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Balances Gut Health in 28 Days

Purina ONE with Microbiome Balance is shown to help balance bacteria in 28 days, promoting gut health and providing immune support. Plus, it offers complete nutrition for a long, healthy life.

Made with Natural Prebiotic Fiber from Chicory Root

Prebiotic fiber nourishes an animal's microbiome in several ways, naturally protecting your pet’s gut health.

• Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria
• Provides an energy source for intestinal cells
• Supports optimal protein absorption
• Helps regulate gut health

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See What Else Purina ONE Can Do for Your Pet

From balanced gut health and healthy energy to bright eyes and a shiny coat, discover all the differences Purina ONE can make in your pet in just 28 days.