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Tidy Cats Lightweight cat litter products

Tidy Cats LightWeight:

All the Strength, Half the Weight®

Compared to leading clumping litter

Light Meets Might

At just half the weight of leading clumping litter, Tidy Cats LightWeight cat litter makes every aspect of your litter life easier.

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Litter You Can Lift. Odor Control You Can Trust.

How can something so dainty and light can pack such a serious punch when it comes to controlling ammonia odor in your home? Two words: Tidy Innovation, baby. Ok, that’s three words.

Erase ammonia odor for 14 days

No Ammonia Odor For Two Weeks. Guaranteed*

With 14 days of Ammonia Blocking odor control, each Tidy Cats LightWeight litter ensures your litter box will stay fresher for longer than ever before. And that’s guaranteed.

*When used as directed.

Lightweight litter comparison with Tidy Cats 24/7

Light Weight, Not Less Litter

Tidy Cats LightWeight is easy to lift, but each jug is filled with the same amount of litter as traditional Tidy. So, you get the same pour, without the chore.

Tidy's Got You Covered

Tidy is constantly searching to make life easier for you (and your cat).
Because when it comes to buying litter, the hardest part should be picking a favorite.

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