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Tidy Max Cat Litter Is Here

Tidy’s latest online-only cat litter innovation has arrived. With ammonia blocker and absorbent Power Pieces®, Tidy Max® provides max odor and moisture control.

Tidy Cats naturally strong cat litter

Tidy’s Super Power? Maximum Odor Control

When it comes to cat litter, Power Pieces are where it’s at. These smell-fighting warriors are designed to lock in moisture for outstanding odor control.
*When used as directed.

Reuse & Recycle

Reuse & Recycle

With 21% less packaging than pails by weight, Tidy Max is designed to ship through the mail. Once you’ve received your delivery? You can refill an old pail or Tidy Max package. (Just don’t forget to recycle the cardboard packaging when you’re done.)

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Cat Litter At Your Doorstep; Tidy At Your Service

Once you've experienced game-changing Power Pieces, sign up for automatic delivery. Because the only thing worse than running out to get more is, well, running out.

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