How Do I Choose A Healthy Dog Food?

Healthy Dog Food

Feeding your dog a complete and balanced dog food is one of the most important things you can do for his health. So how do you choose a healthy dog food? The truth is that there is no “most healthy dog food” because different dogs have different nutritional needs. Instead, there are a few key factors you should take into account when you’re choosing a healthy food for your dog.

Look for a food formulated for your dog’s age

Dogs have different nutritional needs at different points in their lives, so feeding your dog a healthy food formulated for his lifestage is an important way to make sure he’s getting all the nutrients he needs. If you’re looking for a healthy puppy food, choose one with high-quality protein to help support growing muscles and DHA, an important nutrient found in mother’s milk. And as your dog gets older, you may want to switch to a senior formula, or consider creating a personalized senior dog food. This can help him maintain a healthy weight while also supporting his activity level.

Consider a healthy food formulated for your dog’s size

Some dogs do better on a diet formulated specifically for their size. Large or giant breed dogs may benefit from dog food made with glucosamine, which supports healthy joints, and small or toy breed dogs may find it easier to dig into food with small, bite-sized kibble.

Think about your dog’s activity level

A dog who works or competes is going to burn more calories than a dog whose only exercise is an occasional walk. If your dog is an athlete, he may benefit from a nutrient-dense dog food designed for athletic dogs. On the other hand, if your dog doesn’t get much exercise, you may want to consider a dog food for weight management to maintain his ideal body condition.

Pay attention to your dog’s specific nutritional needs

Does your dog have a food preference or a condition like sensitive skin? You may want to consider a food formulated for his specific nutritional needs. Targeted nutrition can help support your dog’s condition. Create a personalized healthy dog food or click here to use our product selector to find a healthy food for your dog.  

Ready to choose a dog food? Click here to use our product selector to find a healthy food for your dog.


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