Dog Articles

Learn about the benefits of dog food without corn, wheat or soy, and what to look for in a dog food brand to maintain an optimal nutritional balance.
Protein is an essential part of your dog's diet. Learn about the benefits of feeding a duck dog food and see if this type of food is right for your dog.
Learn about the difference between gluten-free dog food and grain free dog food, and what you should consider before switching your dog to either diet.
Thinking of feeding a limited ingredient dog food? Learn more about limited ingredient recipes and formulas, and whether this option is right for your dog.
Knowing when to switch to senior dog food can be confusing. Learn how special senior dog food formulas can support your dog's mental sharpness and physical activity.
Is coconut oil good for dogs? The answer is complicated. Although rumored to work wonders for humans, the effects of coconut oil for dogs have not been well studied. Learn more about coconut oil and its perceived benefits here.