Dog Articles

Learn the fundamentals (and more) about dog and puppy care with our comprehensive collection of articles. Purina experts cover topics like behavior, feeding, health and others, providing valuable insights on training techniques, feeding schedules, exercise routines, grooming and preventative care measures. Whether you're a new dog owner or a seasoned pro, our expert guidance can help you ensure your canine companions are happy and healthy at every stage of their lives. Check out our dog and puppy articles today.

Your Puppy’s First Bath: Step-By-Step Instructions2-4 minutes
How to Crate Train Your Puppy2-4 minutes
The Best Dog Food for Picky Eaters2-4 minutes
Normal Puppy Temperature: How Do I Know if My Puppy Has a Fever?2-4 minutes
Puppy Energy Levels by Age2-4 minutes
Tips for Moving With Dogs & Cats2-4 minutes
When Is a Dog Not a Puppy Anymore?2-4 minutes
Why Do Dogs Chew Everything?2-4 minutes
What Are the Benefits of Dog Food Without Corn, Wheat or Soy?2-4 minutes
When to Switch to Senior Dog Food2-4 minutes
What Is Limited Ingredient Dog Food?1-2 minutes
Wet vs. Dry Dog Food: What You Should Know1-2 minutes
What Is Parvo?2-4 minutes
How to Stop Puppy Biting2-4 minutes
Puppy Chewing: How to Stop Destructive Chewing2-4 minutes
How to Help a Puppy With Separation Anxiety2-4 minutes