Dog Articles

Oranges are a common “go to” when you’re getting sick. The fruit packs a lot of beneficial vitamins. But do oranges give your dog the same boost they give you? Great question. A lot of dog owners wonder if their dog can eat oranges. If you’ve wondered this before, continue reading.
Because your dog trusts you, he may taste or even eat a lemon if you give it to him. But lemons and their flavor is one your dog would normally avoid. A dog who licks or eats a lemon may have a strong reaction to the taste. While it may seem comical, feeding your dog a lemon isn’t a joke. Continue reading to learn why.
Flavors help dogs know what foods to eat and which foods to avoid. Though dogs’ taste buds may steer them away from grapefruit, should you coax them into trying the tart fruit? Read on to learn more about grapefruit and your dog.
Whether or not dogs can eat corn is a hot topic among dog owners. Find out how corn can contribute to a balanced diet for your dog.
Learn when your puppy is ready to switch to adult dog food by better understanding the nutritional needs for small, medium and large breed dogs.
Can dogs eat turkey? Are onions bad for dogs? What about green beans? If your dog is as excited for holiday foods as you, find out which ones he can eat and which ones to keep out of paw’s reach.
‘Tis the season to deck the halls with lights, garland and plants. Some of those holiday plants are poisonous to dogs and cats, though. Find out which plants to avoid and the reactions they may cause in pets here.
The holidays are filled with joy, laughter and time spent with family and friends. In the bustle of the season, it’s easy to forget these festivities aren’t always pet friendly. Read our expert holiday pet safety tips.
Snow is exciting and new for dogs, but it comes with certain risks. Our experts offer winter safety tips for dogs in snow so they can enjoy the winter wonderland. Click here to learn more.
If you’ve ever wondered whether dogs can eat blueberries, Purina experts say yes! Find out what benefits this fruit offers and how to feed it to your dog in a safe way.
Plenty of people foods are safe—and even nutritious—for your dog. Can dogs eat cherries, though? This is one summer fruit you’re better off avoiding. See what Purina’s experts have to say here.
Dogs love people food, and there are plenty of safe options for them, but can dogs eat grapes? The answer is a resounding no. Find out why dogs can’t eat grapes and what to do if they sneak one anyway.