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  • Perhaps the awareness of the benefits of fiber in human diets has prompted pet owners to ask about its benefits in pet foods. Once described as “filler” or “bulk,” fiber has gained recognition for the beneficial effect it has on the gastrointestinal
  • Some cat owners prefer to feed their cats wet food. Others prefer dry kibble. Trying to decide between wet vs. dry cat food? Find out what our experts recommend when it comes to feeding your cat.
  • Having puppies is both exciting and exhausting for you and your dog. While it’s wonderful to welcome adorable bundles of fur into the world, it can be hard work for a pregnant dog to grow, deliver and look after a new litter of adventurous puppies. 

  • The number of dog food products on the shelves makes choosing one an overwhelming task. Our dog food comparison article shows you how to narrow down your options in three simple steps to help give your dog the best.
  • Eggs are a rich source of nutrients, such as protein, minerals and vitamins for humans. An expert pet nutritionist weighs in to help answer, can cats eat eggs?
  • While cats are carnivores, they can digest other foods. But are blueberries safe? Learn from an expert pet nutritionist if feeding your cat blueberries is a good idea.
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