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the dog jumps

The Incredible Dog Challenge

For over 25 years, Purina® Pro Plan® has given incredible canine athletes the platform to showcase their amazing abilities in exciting events like dock diving, flying disc, agility and more!

Check out the action from the 2024 Eastern Regionals

Meet The Champions

Meet some of the Incredible Dog Challenge’s most celebrated champions and learn the secrets to their success.

Amber McCune

Hear from national champion agility trainer Amber McCune* on what competing in the IDC means to her and her dogs. And discover why pros like Amber choose Purina Pro Plan to fuel their champions on and off the course.

*This owner received compensation and coupons from 
Purina Pro Plan.

Maria Badamo, DVM

Discover why national champion agility trainer Maria Badamo trusts Purina Pro Plan Sport formulas to fuel her champion dogs, Kenobi and Gromit. 

*This owner received compensation and coupons from 
Purina Pro Plan.

I have to give them the best

Liz Dole, DVM

As a veterinarian and agility trainer, helping dogs live full, active lives has always been a big part of Liz Dole's life. So, when it came time to pick a food to fuel her champion agility dog, Chelsea, the choice was clear. Pro Plan Sport is the only nutrition Liz trusts to give her dogs the energy and protein levels they need to be their best, on and off the course.

Incredible in Action

Explore the lineup of feet-flying, gravity-defying and awe-inspiring events that make up the Incredible Dog Challenge.

The dog runs around the stadium


Dog/owner teams make run through a challenge course that’s made up of a variety of jumps, A-frames, tunnels and other obstacles. Fastest time wins!

the dog jumps

Diving Dog

Dogs sprint down a 40-foot stage before launching into a pool, aiming for recording-breaking length as they hit the water.

small breed dog doing the incredible weave at incredible dog challenge

Incredible Weave

The Incredible Weave is one of the most challenging events at the Incredible Dog Challenge. Speed, dexterity and focus are key in this lightning-fast race that sends dogs darting through a weave pole course as fast as they can without missing a pole.

The dog catches the plate

Freestyle Flying Disc

Dog/human teams perform together in this high-flying, high-energy event featuring aerial maneuvers and jaw-dropping tricks.

The dog catches the stick

Fetch It!

Dogs run off a 40-foot stage and try to catch or knock down a bumper which hangs 4 feet above the water.

jack russel terriers jumping over hurdle

Jack Russell Races

Six Jack Russell terriers race to the finish line while leaping three obstacles and then flying through a narrow foam tunnel.

Dog surfing

Surf Dog

Life jacket-wearing dogs try to catch and ride a wave on their foam boards with the help of their handlers.

Incredible Science

Learn about the incredible science behind elite canine athletes. For more information on sources, click here

2x the rate

Dogs Burn Fat At Almost 2x The Rate Of Humans

A diet that's high in fat and protein can increase an active dog's metabolism and his endurance.

Reynolds et al., Iams Nutrition symposium, 1996, Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats in Nutrition Research Council 2008, Ch. 11, pp 285-287.

two dogs jump over an obstacle

Incredible Sprinters

During sprint racing, dogs will burn energy at a rate 3 times greater during the initial burst of acceleration (first 7.5 seconds) compared to the rate of burning energy during the rest of the run (up to 1 min).

 Source: R. Staaden, 1984


Incredible Energy

A dog’s muscles store 50x more energy as fat when compared to the total amount of carbohydrates stored in muscle as glycogen.

Source: Internal calculation based on estimates of body fat and muscle glycogen content from Kobryn and Brzezinska, 1978


Small Dog Big Jumps

Most small dogs can jump 6 times higher than their hip height.


One Giant Leap

On a pound-for-pound basis, dogs can produce more muscle power in comparison to humans which is one reason they can jump so high and so far.

A dog wearing a life jacket and sunglasses surfing

A Different Kind of Fuel

Unlike their human counterparts, a dog’s main energy source comes from fat, not carbs.

Source: Reynolds et al., Iams Nutrition symposium, 1996



Concentrated Nutrition of SPORT 30/20 helps optimize oxygen metabolism for increased endurance.

Source: Reynolds et al., Iams Nutrition symposium, 1996



SPORT Performance 30/20 has 30% protein, 20% fat to help fuel metabolic needs and maintain lean muscle in active dogs.

performace nutrition

Performance Nutrition

SPORT formulas deliver fine-tuned nutrition to promote strength and endurance.

Pro Plan Family Lineup

Fuel Your Incredible Pet

Get our expert nutrition recommendation with myPLAN and bring out the best in your dog or cat.


The Leaderboard

See which dogs came out on top on the field, at the dock and in the water.


2024 Eastern Regionals

Champion: CHIBI, Mich Powers 32.99 

2nd Place: KIWI, Abby Zerm 

3rd Place: RIPPLE, Dan Haddy 

Champion: ALCHEMY, Stefanie Theis 30.69 

2nd Place: BETELGEUSE, Bridget Thomas 

3rd Place: FIDGET, Casey Keller 

Champion: GENUINE, Perry DeWitt 29.96 

2nd Place: KIDD, Karen Holik 

3rd Place: ROWLEY, Deandra Gero 

Champion: TESLA, Alexandra Côté 94.3 

2nd Place: FURY, Nikki Penta 

3rd Place: FLYNN RIDER, Rachel Sample 

Champion: CAPPUCCINO, Barb Davis 

2nd Place: ZELDA, Cristiana Crespo 

3rd Place: GLOW, Deandra Gero 

Champion: ROSEZILLA, Crystal McClaran 33’1” 

2nd Place: ROGUE, Lindsay Manetti 

3rd Place: BELLA, Heidi Patterson 

Champion: MC’s PANCHO, Crystal McClaran 28’ 

2nd Place: ROUGE, Lindsay Manetti 

3rd Place: REAS, Matthew Manetti 

2023 Finals

Champion: NIMBLE, Cynthia Horner 29.48

2nd Place: MAUI, Tammi Gigstad

3rd Place: ROSE, Jeri Frye

Champion: ZULA, Jada Sawhney 35.81

2nd Place: RIKKI TIKKI TAVI, Stefanie Theis

3rd Place: MAGIC, Jamie Heberlein

Champion: EGO, Sydney Ryan 30.39

2nd Place: RICKY BOBBY, Suzanne Knox

3rd Place: RISE, Kim Terrill

Champion: FERRIS, Jack Fahle 93.8

2nd Place: MAPLE, Abby Cline

3rd Place: NALU, Andrew Han

Champion: NIMBLE, Cynthia Horner

2nd Place: PEPIN, Baptist Knaven

3rd Place:  ZULA, Jada Sawhney

Champion: SOUNDERS, Laurel Behnke 36’

2nd Place: RIGGS, Russ McLean

3rd Place: THE OG KRAKEN, Jennio Mchenry

Champion: SOUNDERS, Laurel Behnke 30.6’

2nd Place: ROLLINS, Johnna Zona

3rd Place: ROGUE, Lindsay Manetti

Champion: ROOSTER, Samantha Vaughn

2nd Place: CROCKET, Bill Castle

3rd Place: TRUBEL, Mary Daly

2023 Western Regional

Champion: RUSH, Diana Yares 31.63

2nd Place: JEFE, Liza Buckner

3rd Place: FLASH, Carol Newman

Champion: BOO, Christine Brew 28.58

2nd Place: PRIZE, Kate Moureaux

3rd Place: SPREE, Lori Asbury

Champion: RICKY BOBBY, Suzanne Knox 33.82

2nd Place: JEDI, Bey Serafica

3rd Place: GENIUS, Mia Grant

Champion: WHOA NELLY, AJ Juenemann 96.37”

2nd Place: FLARE, Kirby Mcllveen

3rd Place: MAYA, Brad Denney

Champion: BOO, Christine Brew

2nd Place: HiYah!, Kelly Culbert

3rd Place:  JEDI, Bev Serafica

Champion: THE OG KRAKEN, Jennio McHenry 31’6”

2nd Place: HEATHEN, Becky Johnson

3rd Place: SHELBY, Dennis Hamilton

Champion: FALKOR, Melissa Ness 27’

2nd Place: THE OG KRAKEN, Jennio Mchenry

3rd Place: GROOT, Amanda Fleck

Champion: CHERIE. Dan Nykolayko

2nd Place: GIDGET, Alicia Nelson

Champion: FAITH, James Wall

2nd Place: DERBY, Kentucky Gallahue

2023 Central Regional

Champion: BUTTER, Courtney Moore 35.48

2nd Place: MARTI, Mary Dougherty

3rd Place: MOXIE, Jen Konrad

Champion: RIKKI TIKKI TAVI, Stefani Theis 32.96

2nd Place: BETELGEUSE, Bridget Thomas

3rd Place: BLU, Mary Dougherty

Champion: EGO, Sydney Ryan 34.60

2nd Place: PEAK, Desiree Snelleman

3rd Place: CIRILLA, Adriana Nottestad

Champion: HOPEWELL ACRES ARLO, Beverly Familar

2nd Place: CONASAUGA GOLD, Wayne Rees

3rd Place: GROUND FORCE KODACHROME, Cheryl Earnshaw

Champion: MAPLE, Abby Cline 95.1

2nd Place: DUMAS, Melissa Eckerman

3rd Place: STELLA, Vanessa Fanelli

Champion: ENVY, Rusty Boone

2nd Place: BUTTER, Courtney Moore

3rd Place: RICKY TIKKI TAVI, Stefani Theis

Champion: GOLDEN EAGLE, Pennie Mahon 30’11”

2nd Place: BELLA, Heidi Patterson

3rd Place: BOOM, Cindy Greenslade

Champion: BREACHER, Melissa Ellis 23’

2nd Place: STRIDER, Tommy Ruggiero

3rd Place: BUCKSHOT, Tammy Strassenberg

2022 National Finals Champions

Champion: MAUI, Tammie Gigstad 33:03  

2nd Place: PRIMO, Sarah Rutland 

3rd Place: LARK, Betsy Lynch 

Champion: ZULA, Jada Sawhney 29.79 

2nd Place: BEE, Jennifer Crank 

3rd Place: PRIZE, Kate Moureaux 

Champion: VANISH, Emily Klarman 30.04 

2nd Place: WIT, Perry DeWitt 

3rd Place: TYPO, Amber McCune 

Champion: FERRIS, Jack Fahle 92.6 

2nd Place: KIDDO, Bonnie Scott 

3rd Place: Poison Ivy, Christopher Padilla 

Champion: SOUNDERS, Laurel Behnke 34’2” 

2nd Place: SLINGSHOT, Rachael Brinkman 

3rd Place: Golden Eagle, Pennie Mahon

Champion: SOUNDERS, Laurel Behnke 29’ 

2nd Place: FALKOR, Melissa Ness 

3rd Place: SLINGSHOT, Rachael Brinkman 

Champion: ZULA, Jada Sawhney 

2nd Place: MAUI, Tammie Gigstad 

3rd Place: LIGHTSABER, Kate Moureaux 

Champion: MAY DAY TWIST O’FATE, Todd Sena 

2nd Place: MAY DAY JOHN WAYNE, Samantha Vaughn 

3rd Place: CEDAR GROVE MINNIE, Emory Vaughn 

2022 Western Regionals

Champion: PRIMO, Sarah Rutland 34:10 

2nd Place: BILBO, Britney Imhof

3rd Place: BUTTER, Courtney Moore

Champion: PRIZE, Kate Moureaux 33:20

2nd Place: INDI, Christine Brew

3rd Place: CABOOSE, Tim Buck

Champion: HALLELUJAH, Jessica Ajoux 33:21

2nd Place: AMIGO, Gwyn Friedl

3rd Place: RICKY BOBBY, Suzanne Knox

Champion: POISON IVY, Christopher Cruz 97.8

2nd Place: SORA, Kirby Mcllveen

3rd Place: MAYA, Brad Denney

Champion: RICOCHET, Shelley Winsworth 31’6”

2nd Place: BOOM, Cindy Greenslade

3rd Place: KEGGER, Bret Geller

Champion: INDI, Christine Brew

2nd Place: BUTTER, Courtney Moore

3rd Place: LIGHTSABER, Kate Moureaux

Champion: FALKOR, Melissa Ness 28’

2nd Place: RICOCHET, Mike Moritz

2nd Place: BUCKSHOT, Tammy Strassenburg

Champion: SUGAR, Ryan Rustan

2nd Place: FAITH, James Wall

Champion: CHERIE, Dan Nykolayko

2nd Place: GIDGET, Alecia Nelson

2022 Eastern Regionals

Champion: CHIBI, Mich Powers 32.72 

2nd Place: HAPPY, Diane Patterson

3rd Place: BET, Marco Giavoni

Champion: ZULA, Jada Sawhney 30.67

2nd Place: RAANE, Chris Tucci

3rd Place: BRIA, Debbie Wren

Champion: VANISH, Emily Klarman 31.11

2nd Place: JAM, Soshana Dos

3rd Place: TYPO, Amber McCune

Champion: FERRIS, Jack Fahle 88.9

2nd Place: KIDDO, Bonnie Scott

3rd Place: FLYNN RIDER, Rachael Sample

Champion: SKYE, Han Yu

2nd Place: ZULA, Jada Sawhney

3rd Place: BET, Marco Giavoni

Champion: FRANKLY UNACCEPTABLE, Crystal McClaran 31'2''

2nd Place: PITA, Charlotte Blake

3rd Place: ZEN, Dawn Scholz

Champion: MC's PANCHO, Crystal McClaran 25'

2nd Place: SRIRACHA, Kristin Elmquist

3rd Place: USA, Fred Eaker

Champion: CROCKET, Bill Castle

2nd Place: WYATT, Wayne Rees

3rd Place: DIESEL, Mason Rees