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Inspired By The World’s Ultimate Endurance Athletes

Siberian husky running in the snow

It began with a group of elite working dogs in Alaska — canine athletes who routinely run up to 30 miles a day.  These incredible dogs inspired a groundbreaking discovery.  The right levels of protein, fat, and other key nutrients in a dog’s diet can actually foster a metabolism that’s more effective for athletic performance.  

brown hunting dog in field with mountains as the backdrop

Today, Pro Plan and the innovative experts at Purina continue to push the science of nutrition forward. From fine-tuned nutrition that is specially formulated to help high-performance dogs optimize their oxygen metabolism (VO2 Max), to puppy formulas that promote concentration and trainability, to adult 7+ formulas that help keep active senior dogs going strong, we are constantly hard at work finding new ways to fuel your dog’s strength and stamina at every stage of life.  

Backed By Science

The innovative nutrition of Purina Pro Plan is backed by a team of more than 500 nutritionists, veterinarians, and scientists. Year after year, our tireless team of experts dives deep into the science behind active dogs and the nutrition that fuels them.  


VO2 Max, or Peak Oxygen Uptake

VO2 Max, or Peak Oxygen Uptake, is a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen a dog’s body can utilize during exercise. The greater his VO2 max, the more effectively your dog’s body can use that oxygen to generate energy. 

Endurance Athletes Like No Other

The top human athletes in the world have a VO2 Max of around 93 ml/kg/min. Elite working dogs have a VO2 Max of more than 230 ml/kg/min.

Born to Burn Fat

A Dog’s Main Energy Source Comes from Fat, Not Carbs. In fact, dogs burn fat at almost 2X the rate of humans.

It All Starts Here

With fine-tuned protein-to-fat ratios, Pro Plan Sport is able to fuel metabolic needs and maintain lean muscle. 

Nutrition with a Purpose

Every ingredient, every nutrient, every vitamin & mineral in our Pro Plan Sport formulas is chosen for a purpose and backed by science.  

The Proof is in the Performance

Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 has been shown to optimize oxygen metabolism (VO2 Max) for increased endurance.  

“If it doesn’t work, we don’t recommend it. Pro Plan works.”

-Mike Stewart, President Wild Rose Kennels

“He’s my partner and my heart. There’s only one food I trust.”

-Maria Badamo, Veterinarian and Champion Agility Trainer

“They give their all every day, so it’s my duty to give them only the best.”

-Amber McCune, Champion Agility Trainer