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Purina Pro Plan LiveClear Customer Reviews & Testimonials


When passion and innovation unite, the results can be life-changing. Hear from real cat owners about the transformative difference LiveClear makes for them and their cats.

“Not only is it excellent nutrition, not only does it reduce the allergen that people are sensitive to, but also my cats love it.”

– Mayim Bialik, Actress & Neuroscientist

"After I started them on the Purina Pro Plan Live Clear, and I could hang out with them more, and we could cuddle more, they stopped feeling like Nicole's cats. They started feeling like my cats as well."

– Nicole S. & You Z.

"After the food, all the doors open. And I don't just tell them that I love them, I show them how much I love them every single day."

– Dachelle K.

"For the first time ever I can say I can cuddle with my cats and I don't have to push them away. I can let them snuggle in."

– Marion E.

"Without LiveClear, I don't know where we would be today. With LiveClear we are able to keep the cat and be a family and enjoy her."

– Jay and Laura V.


"LiveClear has been absolutely life changing for me. We’ll never go back to any other food."

– Dachelle K.


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